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Great leadership will be at the heart of the transformation which needs to take place across the health system if we are to meet the health, financial, quality and reform challenges we’re facing.

And I’ve always said that this isn’t about tweaking around the edges; it’s about industrial levels of innovation and change. Our work in leadership development will help to create a health system which stands up to those challenges, and overcomes them, and one which has compassion at its heart.

But while we have a strong track record in many areas of leadership development and have set out our broad direction of travel, we won’t pretend we have all the answers.

We want your help to be clearer about our priorities and the choices we have to make so that we can be certain of making the biggest impact possible in the next five years.

How can we encourage our leaders to be more innovative? What is needed to drive inclusive and locally relevant leadership? To answer these questions and more we have launched a service-wide engagement exercise, which will help us understand what our stakeholders want leadership development to look like going forward. It will give us the detail we need.

To get involved, all you need to do is fill out our quick and simple questionnaire, which can be found on our specially designed micro site  This is real engagement and we want you to be open, honest and challenging.

Our next Academy programme board in January 2013 will examine feedback we receive and use it to shape their thinking, drive forward our future business planning and help shape our  all-important five-year strategy, which we will complete in January 2013.

We’re building on some excellent work which has gone before, for example our leadership approach is based on the globally renowned Leadership Framework. Some of the programmes we are providing have been working successfully for a number of years, such as our award winning Graduate Management Scheme and our Top Leaders programme.

As well as this, we have been trusted by Government to deliver on what we promise. We’ve been chosen to deliver the largest and most comprehensive approach to leadership development ever undertaken – by any organisation. More than £46m will be invested in three core programmes for leadership by 2015.

But if we are to be a successful strategic intervention and deliver outstanding leadership in health, we must co-design our products with the health system and focus our attention on areas where the system knows it will have the biggest impact. This engagement will ensure that.

The Academy has choices to make about its future plans. This is your opportunity to help shape those plans with your views and ideas. We are listening.

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