First impressions count

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Yes we all know that by now don’t we. First, a few facts…

– Apparently within the first seven seconds of meeting someone they’ve made a comprehensive assessment of you.

– In any interview your panel have decided if they like the cut of your jib by the first time you speak.

– You never get a second chance to make a first impression apparently.

The number of relationships I could have saved myself the pain of by apologising after the first minute;  ‘you’ve already written me off haven’t you, should we just give up now?’ I mean, it’s hardly worth taking off your coat.

The pressure to get it right though is much more complex than that – to our immense relief. Judgements we make early are just that; early judgements. They are frames that we construct internally to help us sort, shuffle and classify. We can’t help that our brains want to tidy things up. I think the more important things that people judge us by are what we do next, or even more simply the ‘what’ we do.

It’s true, we may make all kinds of judgements about someone as they walk into a room, no matter how hard we try not to – but most of us are sophisticated enough and open minded enough to keep rebalancing, recalibrating those judgements with the additional information we receive. So the first impressions you get about someone you meet will always be the first impression, but rarely the lasting one. We can all relax.

So, to our new website. Our first impression wasn’t quite what we wanted it to be, and we’ve been listening to your feedback. As a result, we’ve made some changes.

This is our work in progress, our continuing attempt to serve you well and then serve you even better. If you didn’t like our first impression, see what you think of the makeover…

(And keep giving us feedback).