Joining up the dots

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I’ve always been of the view that strong partnerships are vital to the success of our work at the Academy.

As a new organisation, one of the most important elements of our work just now is building relationships with our stakeholders alongside researching examples of best practice in leadership development from those outside our organisation.

So that is what I have been doing this week, talking to stakeholders as diverse as the Royal College of GPs and front line staff hospitals. I will shortly be having discussions with Public Health England and a couple of other organisations who are  internationally known for the excellence of their leadership development.

We in the Academy should envisage ourselves at the heart of a ‘triangle of excellence’ with the three points signifying academic rigour; best international practice in leadership development and best international healthcare practice in leadership development.

The most effective individuals learn from the best; the most effective organisations should do the same.

By positioning ourselves in this way we can ensure that we absorb, emulate and build on the best current leadership thinking and – in the longer term – build our own international reputation for excellence.

That is why it is important we continue to place great emphasis on building our relationships with key stakeholders, from large organisations to individual clinicians and frontline staff. That way we will remain rooted, not detached, from reality and will be in a position to move quickly and efficiently to meet future challenges as they present themselves.

We’re building on some of the excellent work which has gone before, for example our tried, tested and proven Leadership Framework approach. Some of the programmes we provide have been working successfully for a number of years, like the Graduate Management Training Scheme.

But what’s important is that we continue to build on these successes and best practice by researching, exploring and sharing ideas with others.