The right intervention at the right time

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The NHS Leadership Academy is determined to develop outstanding leadership in health, in order to improve people’s health and their experience of the NHS.

We know we can succeed because we have huge support; an outstanding Leadership Framework and crucial evidence about the types of leaders who are currently operating in the NHS.

I’m constantly being told when I’m out and about that the Leadership Academy is the right intervention at the right time. In the future the NHS will be a challenging but rewarding environment in which to operate and leaders will need to be the very best they can be.

Our seven domain Leadership Framework provides a consistent approach to leadership development for staff in health and care irrespective of discipline, role or function, and represents a fantastic basis on which leadership can be developed.

Fundamental to its development was a desire to build on existing leadership frameworks used by different staff groups and create a single overarching leadership framework for all health and care staff. I am delighted therefor that the Framework has the support of clinical colleagues.

Through our Top Leaders development programme we have built up a picture of the types of leaders who are operating in the NHS right now and where their strengths and development needs lie.

Great things have already been achieved but leaders of the future will need to have access to a wide range of behaviours and recognise that leadership is not restricted to people who hold designated leadership roles but it is a shared responsibility. This approach is at the heart of the Framework we have developed.

As well as all this, we are also trusted by Government to deliver on what we promise. That’s why we were chosen to deliver the largest and most comprehensive approach to leadership development ever undertaken – by any organisation. More than £46m will be invested in three core programmes for leadership by 2015. These programmes are:

  • The foundation leadership programme
    Leading to a post-graduate diploma in leading compassionate health care and aimed at those who are aspiring for a role which has a significant recognised element of leadership of others.
  • The mid-career leadership programme
    Leading to a masters in leading compassionate health care and aimed at leaders who are aspiring for a role that is third in line to a statutory Accountable Officer level and/or is a role leading people who themselves lead teams, projects or services.
  • The executive/senior leadership programme
    This will be aimed at leaders who are aspiring for a role that has Executive level accountability and is at, or reports to, a statutory Accountable Officer level or is a recognised senior national or system wide role.

All of the Leadership Academy’s programmes will include an emphasis on the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to lead radical service redesign with a focus on patient experience and health outcomes in a more integrated system of care.

We have some plans but need your help to be clearer about our priorities and the choices we have to make so we can be certain of making the biggest impact possible in next five years.

The engagement will take place using a range of interactive materials and, as well as two key Academy consultation events which we are planning, we are also taking the Academy out on the road, with a presence at many other events across the country in the coming months. Our consultation will also employ traditional media and social media as well as electronic bulletins (including our new Academy e-bulletin) to reach as many people as possible.

This is real engagement. We want you to be open, honest and challenging. Once we have reviewed all the feedback received we will summarise and distribute the findings via our Academy ebulletin (see below) to allow you to see the opinions of your peers

The feedback will then inform our final five year strategy, to be agreed by the Academy’s Programme Board and then used to drive our future investment plans.