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It’s recognised that a highly effective board is one of the fundamental drivers of organisational performance, particularly in times of change. The NHS Leadership Academy has worked with a wide range of organisations to improve the effectiveness of their boards and is well-equipped to help boards transition to a new era of shared, distributed and devolved authority.

Our board development work with South Worcestershire (SW) Healthcare

SW Healthcare is a federation of all of the 32 GP surgeries in South Worcestershire, which serve over 304,000 patients. It was formed in September 2013 in response to the rapidly changing NHS landscape and the belief that they were stronger as a collective than individual practices. This is certainly evident in their outputs; they consistently perform in the top 10% across a number of indicators nationally.

Download the full case study to read about the development work with South Worcestershire Healthcare:

A Best Practice Guide for Healthy, High-performing Boards (645 KB)

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The Healthy NHS Board [2013]: Principles for good governance

The strong relationship between leadership capability and performance is well demonstrated in the evidence. Good leadership leads to a good organisational climate and good organisational climates lead, via improved staff satisfaction and loyalty, to sustainable, high performing organisations.

The guide has been enormously enriched by the insights of experienced, thoughtful leaders of NHS, regulatory and patient advocacy organisations who have generously responded to our call to contribute their time and their wisdom.

Download the guidance here [PDF]

We hope that boards of NHS organisations will find that it can also serve as a cornerstone for your board development.

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