Our faculty

Introduction Text:
The Faculty are colleagues who specialise in organisational and leadership development. Whilst they are not core staff in contractual terms, they are a vital part of the Academy’s structure and our ability to deliver many of our development programmes.

They may be single handed practitioners, part of a small consultancy or team or working within larger consultancies or academic organisations.

Their work includes:

  • Innovative programme design
  • Working with boards
  • Executive education content specialists
  • Small group and large group facilitation
  • Organisation development
  • Deep skills of support and challenge
  • Bringing a coaching approach to their practice
  • Self- awareness

The Academy manages both on-going emerging requirements from the system along with our own national programmes and products.  Our faculty members work to support our national programmes such as the Director programme (formerly NHS Top Leaders), the Graduate Management Scheme, nurse leadership programmes and our professional leadership programmes, in particular the Nye Bevan programme.

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