Refreshed to reflect the new NHS

Published today (Friday 21 June), the Healthy NHS Board 2013 has been refreshed by the NHS Leadership Academy as a response to the Francis report and changing environment of the healthcare system in the UK.

The Healthy NHS Board: Principles for Good Governance, was first published in 2010 and acts as a one-stop guidance document for all healthcare Boards to be able to govern more effectively and build patient, public and stakeholder confidence in the quality and safety of their Trusts.

Jan Sobieraj, managing director of the NHS Leadership Academy, said, “The NHS has changed a lot over the last 3 years and we therefore felt that the Healthy NHS Board 2013 should reflect these developments.

“Particularly following the recent reforms and the publication of the Francis report earlier this year, the landscape of the system has changed significantly and we know trusts are aware of their role within the system to ensure that they have the most effective structure, resources and approach to achieving the best possible service for their local populations.

“The Healthy NHS Board 2013 aims to offer valuable good practice guidance and I hope organisations will use this as part of their ongoing development and ability to provide safe, effective and compassionate services.”

Commissioned by the NHS Leadership Academy and delivered by Foresight Partnership, the review was built on the original 2010 engagement of 1,000 NHS staff and board members with an added engagement process amongst leaders from across the service. The Healthy NHS Board 2013 is underpinned by an updated extensive international literature review conducted by the Department of Applied Health Services Research, UCL., The Healthy NHS Board refresh supports the NHS Leadership Academy’s approach and development of the Board Effectiveness Review Tool, so that all NHS Trusts are supported and receive continuous development advice and guidance for providing the best possible care to patients across the country.

Supported and endorsed by partners including the NHS Trust Development Authority, Monitor, CQC, the Foundation Trust Network and NHS Confederation, the Healthy NHS Board 2013 can be found here