Key information


To promote diversity in the system the NHS Leadership Academy is running this programme and reducing the rate to increase access. All are encouraged to apply.


19 June Leeds
24 September  London

Benefits of Return to Work Mentoring:

For the individual:

  • A smoother, well-executed and positive return to work experience enabling them to adjust back into the organisation, and their role, more effectively and better prepared
  • Timely access to a mentor before, during and after the return to work process (where applicable) to accommodate challenges that can occur at different stages of transition
  • Personal agency for their emerging needs in relation to career development and not feeling being ‘done to’
  • Empowering them to leverage new skills and strengths gained from the lived experience, to benefit their career, teams and organisation

For the organisation:

  • Retaining talented and diverse individuals that may otherwise leave an organisation or apply for a lower banded role after returning back from extended because they feel unsupported or unable to progress in their career as a result of their individual circumstances
  • Return to Work Mentoring is an enabler for creating an inclusive and diverse organisation which values and leverages the power of difference
  • Individuals that are well supported during the return to work process are less likely to take sickness absence during the transition period and adjust back into work more effectively having a positive impact on the business and overall team stability
  • Potential employees’ may find the offer of Return to Work Mentoring attractive and in turn attract broader diversity in applicants for NHS jobs
  • Demonstrating the NHS values of inclusion and compassionate care for our communities and staff