Limitations and plans to keep the model refreshed

Introduction Text:
The Healthcare Leadership Model (2013) is an evidence-based model which was created using the process described in 'How the Healthcare Leadership Model has been developed'.

In a different economic climate, the NHS Leadership Academy may have chosen to invest more heavily in a wider number of staff interviews to create the first version of the model. However, we have taken the view that the most cost-effective and productive path to take was to interview a small sample of leaders (49 in total) in 2013, and to use this data with the secondary research to create ‘version 1’ of the model.

The intention therefore is not that this model is ‘set in stone’ or still be appropriate for healthcare staff in 2023. Instead, the intention is to make ongoing updates to the model, to make sure it remains as relevant to staff in two or five years’ time, as it is to them today. The process of updating the model will be likely to follow a shortened version of the process described here, probably taking into account any major new pieces of secondary research and by conducting future sets of interviews and focus groups.

This more flexible and innovative approach will result in future versions being available over the next few years. You could describe this as being similar to the software updates on a smartphone: people can get all the benefits of being able to update their software, while keeping a ‘core’ product that remains recognisable, rather than having a ‘static’ product which quickly becomes out of date. In the same way, we intend the Healthcare Leadership Model to adapt and be regularly updated to provide healthcare staff with the most relevant leadership support today and in the future.