Engaging the team

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What is it?

Involving individuals and demonstrating that their contributions and ideas are valued and important for delivering outcomes and continuous improvements to the service.

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Why is it important?

Leaders promote teamwork and a feeling of pride by valuing individuals’ contributions and ideas; this creates an atmosphere of staff engagement where desirable behaviour, such as mutual respect, compassionate care and attention to detail, are reinforced by all team members.

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What is it not?
  • Building plans without consultation
  • Autocratic leadership
  • Failing to value diversity
  • Springing ideas on others without discussion


Involving the team

Do I recognise and actively appreciate each person’s unique perspectives and experience?
Do I listen attentively to my team and value their suggestions?
Do I ask for contributions from my team to raise their engagement?


Fostering creative participation

Do I ask for feedback from my team on things that are working well and things we could improve?
Do I shape future plans together with my team?
Do I encourage my team to identify problems and solve them?


Co-operating to raise the game

Do I enable my team to feed off each other’s ideas, even if there is a risk the ideas might not work?
Do I encourage team members to get to know each other’s pressures and priorities so that they can co-operate to provide a seamless service when resources are stretched?
Do I offer support and resources to other teams in my organisation?


Stretching the team for excellence and innovation

Do I stretch my team so that they deliver a fully ‘joined-up’ service, and so give the best value they can?
Do I support other leaders to build success within and beyond my organisation?
Do I create a common purpose to unite my team and enable them to work seamlessly together to deliver?
Do I encourage my team to deliver on the shared purpose, as much as on their individual targets?