Sharing the vision

Introduction Text:
What is it?

Communicating a compelling and credible vision of the future in a way that makes it feel achievable and exciting.

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Why is it important?

Leaders convey a vivid and attractive picture of what everyone is working towards in a clear, consistent and honest way, so that they inspire hope and help others to see how their work fits in.

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What is it not?
  • Saying one thing and doing another
  • Talking about the vision but not working to achieve it
  • Being inconsistent in what you say
  • Avoiding the difficult messages


Communicating to create credibility and trust

Am I visible and available to my team?
Do I communicate honestly, appropriately and at the right time with people at all levels?
Am I helping other people appreciate how their work contributes to the aims of the team and the organisation?
Do I break things down and explain clearly?


Creating clear direction

Do I help people to see the vision as achievable by describing the ‘journey’ we need to take?
Do I use stories and examples to bring the vision to life?
Do I clearly describe the purpose of the job, the team and the organisation and how they will be different in the future?


Making long-term goals desirable

Do I encourage others to become ‘ambassadors’ for the vision and generate excitement about long-term aims?
Do I find ways to make a vivid picture of future success emotionally compelling?
Do I establish ongoing communication strategies to deal with the more complex and difficult issues?


Inspiring confidence for the future

Do I display confidence and integrity under robust and public criticism?
Do I describe future changes in a way that inspires hope, and reassures staff, patients and the public?
Do I explain controversial and complex plans in a way that different groups can hear, understand and accept?