Supporting tools and resources

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We are continually looking to develop a range of supporting tools and resources to help bring the Healthcare Leadership Model to life.

Tools and resources to support the Healthcare Leadership Model

You can use the Healthcare Leadership Model to help you think about your own leadership behaviours. It will also help you carry out appraisals, and to write documents such as: personal and professional development plans; recruitment criteria and processes; educational standards and curricula; and training programme materials and criteria.

However, we continue to develop further tools and resources that will more directly help you apply the Healthcare Leadership Model. Further information is available via the links below.

We would be very interested to hear from anyone using the Healthcare Leadership Model in their work, and are always collecting examples of best practice so that we can share these more widely. If you are interested in sharing how you are using the model, please contact us at [email protected].

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Find out more:

Healthcare Leadership Model self-assessment tool – Free to access, the self assessment tool helps you to assess your leadership behaviours and more fully understand your leadership development.

Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool – This tool helps give you insight into other people’s perceptions of your leadership abilities and behaviour.

Healthcare Leadership Model App – This tool, currently in beta testing, allows you to record and reflect on observations about the leadership behaviours that you see around you, as well as your own.

Development suggestion guides: information on development resources available for individuals, teams and organisations – Additional information on development resources available for individuals, teams and organisations.

Healthcare Leadership Model Library: Documents to download – A collection of related documents available to download.

Comparison resources: Relating the Healthcare Leadership Model to other leadership framework – Resources to assist you with relating the Healthcare Leadership Model to other leadership frameworks.

Frequently asked questions – Questions about the Healthcare Leadership Model and the associated online tools are answered.