Clinical pharmacists feedback form

  • Why is this the right development/intervention for you at this time?
  • What development do you expect to gain from this programme that you could not get elsewhere?
  • In what ways are you looking to improve your leadership style, thoughts, feelings or behaviours?
  • What do you feel you will contribute to the programme?
  • What do you expect the biggest challenges to be in undertaking the programme?
  • How will your team and organisation benefit from your engagement in this programme?
  • How is your organisation supporting you to undertake this programme?

  • Evaluation of Residential 1

    You were asked to use 'rate this meeting' throughout the workshop:
  • Did you use 'Rate this meeting' at all?
  • Comments
  • How did you feel about the length of the residential?
  • How did you find the self- managed nature of the learning?
  • Comments

  • Learning objectives:

    Create networks that will endure and allow learning sets and support networks to develop beyond the duration of the course
    Higher calibre applicants for future appointments
    Locate pharmacy within the wider organisational and systems context
    Support the delivery of the Carter Review
    Fill gaps in knowledge created by the variability in the background of deputy chief or senior pharmacists
  • How effective has the workshop been in meeting these overall learning objectives? 1 = Not at all, 5 = Very effective

  • Now that you have had time to reflect, how would you rate the following:
  • The overall workshop
  • The support provided at the event
  • The information you received before the event
  • The facilitators at the event
  • The opportunity to interact with colleagues/create a network
  • The balance between facilitator input, Q&A, group work and self-direction
  • Which session(s) did you find most valuable? Why?
  • Now you have had time to reflect, what changes - if any - would you make to any of the sessions?
  • How will you apply any of your learning to your practice at work?
  • Were your overall objectives of the residential achieved? If not, why?
  • Do you think the programme will equip you to be a successful Director of Pharmacy?
  • Please use this space for any other comments that you may have