Mary Seacole Local


The Mary Seacole programme is a highly successful and nationally recognised leadership development programme for first time leaders in health and care. The programme aims to provide the balance between learning the theory and putting it into practice.  A high-quality virtual campus, provides the majority of the learning, online facilitated discussion forums to encourage participant refection on applying their learning in the workplace, three face-to-face experiential workshops and a final written assignment. The content covers leadership fundamentals, quality improvement and practical management models to ensure a broad range of development.

The programme is available through two models of delivery: an open, nationally-run programme, facilitated by nationally trained and experienced facilitators and a locally-delivered model, which is facilitated by in-house staff, either qualified and experienced development practitioners or frontline staff (after appropriate training).

The aim of the locally-delivered model is to enable individual organisations and groups of organisations the flexibility to deliver a high-quality, nationally recognised development programme. – This gives greater opportunity for significant numbers of staff to access leadership development with a much greater return on investment than the open programme. The programme can be run at a locally-determined scale and pace and is closely supported and assured by a member of the NHS Leadership Academy’s local mobilisation team.


At the NHS Leadership Academy, we have some important and far reaching aspirations. We want to professionalise leadership in health and care. To achieve these aspirations, we want to work with partners in the health and care system with an outstanding commitment to both patient care and its delivery through the engagement of their staff and the quality of their leaders.

We are continuously looking for partners to work with and apply the local delivery of exceptional first-time leadership development. We want to develop partnerships where the NHS Leadership Academy provides the highly successful Mary Seacole programme tailored appropriately to local needs whilst maintaining the quality expected from a nationally-delivered programme. Local organisation(s) will benefit from a significant return on investment in terms of price per participant and sustainable leadership development. It’s a programme where the learning isn’t separate; it must be applied throughout for the benefit of staff engagement and patient care.


The aim of the NHS Leadership Academy’s model for delivering the Mary Seacole programme locally is to enable local organisations and groups of organisations the flexibility to deliver a high-quality nationally recognised development programme on a local basis. This will be undertaken at a locally-agreed scale and pace utilising local facilitators who will be trained and supported by a member of the NHS Leadership Academy mobilisation team.

The aims of the tailored model are to:

  • Provide a first-time leader programme of exceptional quality, the design and deployment of which organisations would be unlikely to be able fund alone
  • Provide a programme that organisations themselves can deliver close to the frontline
  • Offer a programme that’s dual-badged between the NHS Leadership Academy and the organisation which is both a nationally recognised standard but delivered locally with local context in the local setting
  • Allow some customisation to meet local needs, including an element of online customisation, but especially in the face-to-face delivery