Model and costs

The cost for the Stepping Up programme is set on a fixed basis for the four-day and five-day programme respectively.

The cost is set at price per cohort (not per participant). A maximum number of 42 participants may form a single cohort on the programme.

As part of the commissioned model the NHS Leadership Academy will provide:

  • Selection and provision of two programme facilitators for all module dates (from the NHS Leadership Academy faculty framework)
  • Method/ process of applications
  • Handling/ administrative support
  • Ongoing digital support and help desk
  • Quality Assurance (QA) of the design and delivery of the tailored programme, including QA of facilitators, workshop delivery and design of any materials and resources
  • Personalisation of marketing materials including a participant and line-manager eBook
  • All programme martials including NHS programme journals, certificates of completion and alumni pin-badge for each participant

Capped costings for programme:

All costings are indicative and to be agreed in Service Level Agreement (SLA) by both parties before confirming programme delivery*

6-day cohort for band 7 participants – £23,486.82 (£559.21 per participant based on a cohort of 42)

6-day cohort for band 5 & 6 participants – £23,486.82 (£559.21 per participant based on a cohort of 42)

*Where agreed with the NHS Leadership Academy prior to delivery, a single cohort or cohorts may be run for participants working at bands 5, 6 and 7 collectively

This cost which is reimbursable to the NHS LA will not cover any venue and catering charges – a venue specification will be provided to ensure that this is fit for purpose. Where necessary, a member of the National Programmes Team may wish to visit the venue before delivery to ensure suitability (this will not affect the fixed cost for the programme).

Please contact [email protected] for more information about the up front cost.