How it works

As part of our leadership development programmes patients, carers and staff are invited to talk about their positive or negative experiences with participants on the programmes. With facilitation, these stories then become discussion areas for the patients and participants during their experiential learning.

Roles include:

Storyteller / narrator: This role is for people who have lived experience and wish to share their experiences of health and care to help improve learning and integrated care services.

Facilitator: This role is people who have skills and experience in facilitating workshops and discussion groups.

Associate: This role is for people who can work in various capacities – for example, as a Programme and Practice Board member, VIVA panel assessor or a member of a Co-production and Codesign group or acting as an interviewer.

If you’d like to know more about any of these roles, please email: [email protected]

Quote / Testimonial:

"I have been volunteering with the NHS Leadership Academy for several years. I enjoy being able to share my experiences of the NHS; both positive and negative in a supportive constructive learning environment where the participants learn from me and I learn from them. I have been able to discuss difficult and challenging issues comfortably and make a real difference to the delivery of NHS services."

Mary Roberts
Patient Associate