Introduction Text:
The NHS sees approximately one million people every day. Below is just a small number of people who have used, or currently use, NHS services. They share experiences of care with NHS colleagues who are developing their own leadership skills and behaviours with the NHS Leadership Academy.

“I like to share my NHS experiences, both good and not so good, with NHS leaders so that hopefully adjustments can be made where necessary, to improve the service. I recently attended a “storytelling” workshop which was very enjoyable and gave excellent guidance on public speaking.” – Christine Hemsley, Patient Partner

“I’m Mark and have been supporting the work of the NHS Leadership Academy for several years. I have been able to share my NHS experiences and have gained feedback from senior managers. I have been able to express my opinion and suggestions of how things could be different.” – Mark Parry, Patient Partner

If you want to talk about volunteering at the NHS Leadership Academy, you can email us at [email protected]

Quote / Testimonial:

"I see the Academy as a safe space, for NHS leaders and potential leaders to develop their skills and behaviours, and to build the resilience needed for their career. There is great value in getting away from ‘the day job’ and sharing ideas and trying new approaches, in the supportive culture provided by all Academy staff."

Georgina McMasters
Experience of Care Partner
Quote / Testimonial:

“I am a nurse of 32 years, a patient of four years and carer of one year…having the opportunity to share experiences as a patient has proved therapeutic for me. From the feedback I have received from participants, my contribution holds impact in terms of insight and development for others. A win/win for all sides of the experience.”

Liz Clough
Staff Partner