Leadership Academy



Individual participants

For individual participants, HOPE is open to healthcare managers or clinicians with at least three years’ experience in a healthcare management role. If you are considering it for yourself or recommending it to a colleague, participants must be available for the full period – for the exchange itself, the international meeting and all arranged programmes.

While you may not have to speak the native language, you must have proficiency in a language that is accepted by your host country; many countries accept English. Click here to download the programme’s language proficiency guide.

Host organisations

UK Hosting organisations are usually NHS Trust/Foundation Trusts or Clinical Commissioning Groups though other organisation types are encouraged to apply.  You should be interested in sharing your expertise with international colleagues, and engaging with them to share best practice from their home countries.

It’s a great opportunity to network and share ideas and good practice across Europe. The programme helps us look at our services from a different perspective, and think about what could be done differently to drive improvements in patient care.

So far, our Trust has sent two participants to Finland and Spain to help them broaden their horizons and see how other healthcare services function. We have also enjoyed hosting participants in both clinical and non-clinical roles from Malta, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Portugal. Meeting the variety of professionals benefits our staff who can ask questions and find out how what we do here compares to the healthcare services abroad.

What’s really important is the ever-expanding network of professionals to ensure an ongoing exchange of ideas to help individuals meet their objectives and improve healthcare services across Europe.

Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust