Rosalind Franklin Programme


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The Rosalind Franklin programme will support you to become outstanding innovators, leaders, and team members working across the health and care system, to help improve services for people and communities that access them.

The programme is 9 months long with eight workshop days and you’ll be expected to commit approximately four to five hours a week to study.

What’s covered?

  • Leadership skills and developing a deeper and clearer sense of who you are, your strengths and development areas – strengthening your existing leadership practice through cutting-edge theory, evidence and practice
  • Change management – understanding different leadership approaches, challenges related to change, and your relationship to them
  • How teams work – understanding more about your team and how to work in, and with, it more effectively
  • System leadership – developing a deeper understanding of the concept of being a systems leader and how that will require you to behave differently
  • Understanding where you, and your services, are located in the wider health and care system and exploring the experiences of people who access them

Who is it for?

The programme is for mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems.

Why should I join the programme?

You will:

  • improve your personal impact to help you drive progress in your team(s) and inspire your organisation/system to build compassionate, inclusive, person-centred cultures of care
  • bring immediate positive and productive changes to your team(s), organisations, services and service users in areas such as increasing staff morale, improving service user experience, effective service redesign, reduction of waste and more efficient use of resources
  • build a powerful support network of influential leaders

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Quote / Testimonial:

“The Rosalind Franklin programme allowed me to resource the strategy to scale nursing leadership in General Practice in alignment with my vision and evolve collaboratively with my team and within my network.”

Elia Monteiro, North Lambeth PCN Nurse Lead
Quote / Testimonial:

"Can I just say this has been the best quality programme I have ever attended, it has provided challenge, support and a lot of reflection and as a result has transformed my approach to leadership. I would hope all involved in course design, support and facilitation get the feedback that their efforts really do make a difference.”

Katie Johnson, Clinical Team Manager, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust