The programme is delivered over nine months; comprising six online study modules exploring the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that are important for leading others when building a culture of person-centred care within the health and care system.

The programme is specifically designed to enable you to put your work role, tasks and experiences to practical use in your study of leadership, whilst also providing intensive personal and professional development.

You might expect to be working for at least 4-5 hours per week (as a guide), in which you’ll explore themes that support your development of self, the environment and systems, improvement, change and management skills.

The programme is delivered through:

Work-based learning 

This takes the work you’re already doing and uses it as the basis for your learning.  Much of your online learning will relate to your workplace and focus your attention on what is practical within your day-to-day job. You will not be able to complete the programme without applying the learning in your workplace.

Virtual workshops

There are three days of developmental workshops. Two at the beginning of the programme (that will run consecutively) and one day at the end of the programme. The focus of these workshops will be on your personal and behavioural development in context; they take full advantage of virtual group work, experiential and simulation learning activities and social networking opportunities. Attendance at these workshops is mandatory.

Facilitated impact groups

Your impact group provides you with a forum to further critically explore your learning and work-based application in addition to helping you explore the links between individual, group and organisational dynamics. The impact group meets five times during the programme for full day working sessions.

Online learning (virtual campus)

The virtual campus is where you can find all the resources you’ll need for your studies. It provides a range of different learning formats such as articles, videos, activities, surveys, discussion forums and more. You must make regular contributions to the discussion forums and facilitator provocations as part of your assessment.


You’ll be assessed on four activities:

  • Mandatory attendance at all three virtual developmental workshops and the five facilitated impact groups
  • Completion of all online content on the virtual campus
  • Regular contributions to online discussion forums and facilitator provocations
  • Submission of a 5,000-word reflective essay at the end of the programme demonstrating how you have developed and applied your leadership throughout the programme

Successful completion of the programme will lead to an NHS Leadership Academy Award in Senior Healthcare Leadership.

If you have questions about any of the above, or want to talk to us about your learning needs, please contact our friendly team by email at [email protected]

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