This programme will support you as you develop your understanding of system leadership and the skills and behaviours required to collaborate across health and care.

The programme will cover three main themes:

  • What is system leadership?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do you do it?

Week 1 Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Signposting
  • Contracting
  • Setting learning objectives
  • Preparing (including finding a sponsor/buddy)
Week 2 What is systems leadership?
  • Understanding systems leadership
  • Exploring how leadership theory can help us understand systems
  • Engaging with diverse stakeholders
  • Defining tame and wicked problems
  • Embracing negative capability
Week 3 Why does it matter?
  • Understanding context
  • Exploring health inequalities
  • Focusing on recovery
  • Challenging the prevailing heroic leadership style
  • Harnessing the power to transform
Week 4 How do we do it?
  • Operating reflexively
  • Using storytelling (the story of me and my leadership)
  • Approaching strategy
  • Setting the cultural conditions
  • Networking across boundaries
  • Engaging with diverse perspectives
  • Strategic influencing
Week 5 Summary
  • Reflecting on the experience
  • Getting feedback from sponsors/buddies
  • Analysing the impact
  • Creating action plans
  • Sustaining the learning

Time Commitment

The programme will run for 5 weeks and will take approximately 5 hours of self-directed study per week so you can fit the programme around your work, study and family commitments.