Key information


How you will learn

Delivery of the programme is through a combination of four face-to-face experiential residential workshops, up to seven self-managed learning sets, and online learning via our state-of-the-art virtual campus. Includes mandatory written assignments and presentations.

Time commitment is approximately 15 hours per week for 12 months.

Built around self-managed learning and peer assessment, you will need to include others as active contributors in your learning and demonstrate how behaviours develop and change positively over the period of the programme. You will need to work across systems, forming alliances and collaborating across boundaries. You will need to demonstrate your knowledge and practice of how structures, systems and behaviours contribute to equity and inequities for NHS patients and staff, and you will also need to understand your own biases, blind spots and beliefs and be able to understand power dynamics and how you use your own personal power.

For detailed information on programme structure click here.

Programme cost

The Nye Bevan programme cost per person is £4,500. Fully inclusive of all tuition, facilitation and access to the online virtual campus. This will also include accommodation and catering for in-person delivery.

For those working outside of health and care, please contact us to discuss your eligibility to apply and costs by emailing [email protected]


We have a bursary scheme to support talented applicants from groups under-represented at senior leadership levels. We support those who, without financial help, would miss out on the opportunity to access the excellent quality professional leadership programmes that the Academy offers. Find out more about our bursary scheme.

Key benefits

Individual benefits

You will:

  • Build a powerful, regional and national support network of like-minded, influential leaders
  • Work more strategically with greater collaboration across organisations and systems of care
  • Make immediate, positive changes in your health and care organisations to provide better services, increase patient outcomes and experiences, improve staff engagement and morale
  • Improve your personal impact to help drive progress to build and lead a culture of inclusive, patient-centred, compassionate care
  • Graduate with the highly sought-after NHS Leadership Academy Award in Executive Healthcare Leadership, evidencing clear improvement of inclusive and compassionate leadership skills and behaviours as well as improving your career prospects and helping to accelerate you into executive roles

Organisational benefits

Organisations will benefit from supporting their senior leaders to participate in the Nye Bevan programme through:

  • Investing to improve recruitment and retention, reducing costs with interim roles and vacancies at executive levels and the associated drops in productivity
  • Increasing the number of inspiring and innovative executive leaders in the organisation’s talent pipeline for better succession planning
  • Participants tackling real workplace issues, reflecting what is needed at board level to promote safe, high-performing, and continuously improving organisations
  • Improved leadership practice having a greater positive impact on organisational culture, and inclusive, patient-centred, compassionate care
  • Creating a pipeline of clinical and non-clinical talent ready to take on executive director positions

Residential Dates (revised)

Workshop Cohort 39Cohort 40Duration
Knowing Yourself and Others
28 – 31 May 20244 – 7 June 20244 days
Broadening Horizons
10 – 12 September 202417 – 19 September 20243 days
Making the Case for Change
03 – 05 December 202410 – 12 December 20243 days
Viva04 February 202411 February 20241 day (delivered virtually)


Quote / Testimonial:

“I don’t think anything really prepares you for the Nye Bevan experience. The programme develops you as an all-round leader, helping you understand how your impact on others can facilitate or hinder the creation of cultures where all can thrive. The most powerful thing for me is I never saw the change coming; it’s incremental, powerful and you see the system through very different eyes. In my learning set I found a strong, diverse and trustworthy peer group able to hold me to account as I did them, and hopefully we will continue to do this for each other on our leadership journey. I find I am more confident, congruent with my values and more connected to others. I see where I fit in, and my role in facilitating change, I would recommend it to all aspiring or current leaders.

Andrew Nwosu, Regional Allied Health Professions Lead, NHS England
Quote / Testimonial:

“I joined the Nye Bevan programme not really knowing what to expect. Within my trust, securing a place on the programme was widely recognised, which really made me feel the NHS valued my input and could see the worth in developing me to be a future executive leader.”

Chris Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust