Leadership Academy



The Nye Bevan programme for aspirant directors will give you the skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours needed to lead health and care organisations. It is about operational excellence for today and securing the change needed for tomorrow. It will also support senior leaders to move beyond leadership within their area of professional expertise, into executive roles that span organisational boundaries. 

It is shaped around you. Based on the latest leadership thinking the programme will increase your capabilities and confidence, support resilience and prepare you for your next board-level executive director role. Delivery of the programme is through a combination of face to face experiential learning at residential workshops, self-managed learning sets, and online via our state-of-the-art virtual campus.

As 50% of the programme centres on work based application of your learning it’s essential that your manager and organisation are aware of and support the commitments involved. Given the nature of your role and tasks it’s important for you to jointly consider the feasibility of you creating the time to apply your studies to the workplace.

Registered healthcare professionals (clinicians) and those working in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the national health and care arm’s length bodies will benefit from additional learning elements specific to their roles. More information can be found on this page.