Leadership Academy



The Nye Bevan programme is intended for:

  • Senior leaders looking to move into a board role.
  • Senior leaders who are likely to be ready to apply to such a role in the next two years, or in their first two years in the role.
  • Those who are able and keen to work on a demanding programme of development with peer assessment.

This is a rewarding, yet demanding, programme and will require dedicated time outside the residential activity and application of learning in the workplace. You will undertake activities involving your team, colleagues (including board-level observations), patients, service users and carers. You will also participate in a range of self-directed, experiential learning activities, which will focus on self-awareness and personal development. The programme is based on the principles of self-managed learning. You will take responsibility and accountability for the areas you choose to focus on. You will assess and be assessed by your peers within learning sets with the full support of the set advisers. Registered healthcare professionals (clinicians) and those working in the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the national health and care arm’s length bodies will benefit from additional learning elements above and beyond the programme, specific to their roles.

“I don’t think anything really prepares you for the ‘Nye Bevan’ experience. The programme develops you as an all-round leader, helping you understand how your impact on others can facilitate or hinder the creation of cultures where all can thrive. The most powerful thing for me is I never saw the change coming; it’s incremental, powerful and you see the system through very different eyes. “In my learning set I found a strong, diverse and trustworthy peer group able to hold me to account as I did them, and hopefully we will continue to do this for each other on our leadership journey. “I find I am more confident, congruent with my values and more connected to others. I see where I fit in, and my role in facilitating change, I would recommend it to all aspiring or current leaders.” Andrew Nwosu, Regional Allied Health Professions LeadNHS England